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A blended professional learning approach to address critical instructional need.

With LDC, educators build and refine the skills they need to teach to today's more rigorous standards.

LDC Coach Certification

This year-long competency-based credentialing system builds instructional leaders within a school, state, or district. Rising instructional leaders demonstrate the accomplished practices of instruction and coaching, meeting LDC/SCALE national standards that are aligned with National Board certification and other effectiveness systems. Use LDC Coach Certification to build capacity and sustainability of high-quality instruction and assessment.


LDC LEARN’s professional learning system offers blended and online professional lesson study courses; collaborative workspaces for teachers and coaches to develop curriculum; libraries of high-quality, vetted units and lessons; disciplinary student work rubrics; the SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric for formative and summative curriculum quality assessment; and data for progress monitoring. Use LDC LEARN to build instructional capacity across a system.


LDC’s online professional learning platform and curriculum library include nationally vetted and calibrated curriculum, as well as disciplinary student work rubrics developed by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE). Use the SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric to evaluate the quality and rigor of existing and newly developed curriculum.

LDC Coach Certification

A professional learning progression that ensures coach quality and provides a scalable and measurable approach to professional mentorship. LDC leadership skills are fostered from a place of practice. Coaches begin by mastering the skills expected of their teachers. They calibrate their standard of success based on national norms and expectations, then they guide their colleagues to competency. Evidence of a coach's effectiveness is demonstrated by the badges they earn and the work that their teachers produce.

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