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A blended professional learning approach to address critical instructional need.

With LDC, educators build and refine the skills they need to teach to today's more rigorous standards.

LDC Certified Coach

Implementing change at scale can be done when activating a support network of embedded or third-party professional coaches who have engaged in the LDC Coach Certification process, have earned badges as evidence of skill mastery, and are working with LDC to strengthen their planning and coaching skills in a manner that can be both measured and replicated.

Teacher Learning Kit

Addressing problems of practice such as teacher classroom practices, classroom formative assessment, and curricular rigor is both strategic and measurable using this hybrid model of support. Including both in-person and online resources, virtual courses and job-embedded work a whole site can take this journey generating data to track teacher skill development and bring immediate impact to classroom instruction.


This online professional learning platform and free curriculum library includes nationally vetted and calibrated content as well as a series of rubrics developed by SCALE. Educators work in this platform to create content or access material produced by professional partner organizations as well as by colleagues that have been vetted according to a national standard.

LDC Coach Certification

A professional learning progression that ensures coach quality and provides a scalable and measurable approach to professional mentorship. LDC leadership skills are fostered from a place of practice. Coaches begin by mastering the skills expected of their teachers. They calibrate their standard of success based on national norms and expectations, then they guide their colleagues to competency. Evidence of a coach's effectiveness is demonstrated by the badges they earn and the work that their teachers produce.

LDC Teacher Learning Kit

A multi-faceted professional learning site license that delivers a powerful and measurable experience for the entire building.

Professional development that's
as easy as 1 + 2 = 3

As teachers take part in the professional learning offered in the Teacher Learning Kit, they will master skills in four critical competencies. This learning and work will explicitly impact student achievement, increase teacher skills and efficacy, raise the rigor of assessments and instruction, and create alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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