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Harnessing the Power of Teaching Expertise

LDC is a national community of educators providing a teacher-designed and research-proven framework, online tools, and resources for creating literacy-rich assignments and courses across content areas.

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See a teacher-created assignment targeting students’ literacy skills that you can teach today! Find others that you can adapt and use.

i3 Participants

Are you an i3 teacher or school leader? Click below for complete information on the LDC i3 project in your school!

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LDC Online Courses support teachers in doing the work they already do—with increased efficiency and expertise.

New Exemplary Modules

Congratulations to Justin Bailey for his exemplary social studies module, Line Item Veto, now in LDC CoreTools.


My students are not honors students. They’re considered remedial, but if you could see them working on LDC mini-tasks, doing peer editing, you would think they were honor students.

Quinton A. Granville

7th Grade Social Studies & Reading Teacher

Teaching LDC modules has reinforced how brilliant my students are. Last year’s state test scores were the best I’ve ever seen; it was because I pushed my students harder than I had before.

Avalon Middle School, Orange County, Florida

I think these [LDC] tools have changed the way I teach. When you’re teaching for 21 years, you get sort of set in what you want done…this approach has allowed me to raise expectations of students.

Holly Particelli

8th Grade Science Teacher
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