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"LDC offers an exceptional collection of practical and proven tools, templates, and instructional procedures to promote deep and authentic learning. I wholeheartedly recommend LDC to teachers, schools, and districts."

-Jay McTighe, co-author, Understanding by Design

Organize your system for guaranteed equity

The results are clear: quality standards-driven assignments lead to quality student work. The more quality assignments students are given, the better prepared they are to enter college or the workforce.

LDC helps to ensure equity in a system through the levers that matter:

Quality curriculum + leaders, coaches, and teachers = improved student results.

We provide the platform, curriculum resources, coaching and feedback, and professional learning courses needed to ensure that every student experiences rigor and quality in every classroom. With LDC, turn standards into the baseline, not the goal.

Instructional Leadership

LDC helps school leaders pave the way to standards enactment and supports site-based leadership.

Expert Certification

LDC’s evidence-based certification system builds local networks of experts who can catalyze and maintain an ongoing system of quality curriculum and instruction in a district.

Professional Learning

LDC LEARN supports teachers’ learning during planning time. This collaborative work time leads directly to effective curriculum enactment and student results.

Quality Curriculum

Standards for quality curriculum are critical. Align your system around common expectations in curriculum and instruction with LDC's Curriculum Alignment System.

LDC Curricula


Student Effects

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