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Learn More About LDC CoreTools!

LDC CoreTools is a guided online experience that supports a teacher in planning, creating, and thinking through each of the four LDC module sections. With LDC CoreTools you can:

  • Work in a Google Docs-like planning and authoring environment that guides you to create College and Career Readiness Standards-aligned curricula including LDC modules and mini-tasks
  • Share your work and collaborate in real time with colleagues within your school or across the country
  • Review teacher videos, helping you to create engaging CCRS-aligned curricula for your students
  • Access model banks of modules identified as Exemplary and Good to Go by the jurying processes created by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity
  • Jury your own and other colleagues’ modules using the LDC CoreTools online jurying tool
  • Access teacher-created literacy mini-tasks for students, vetted by experts at UC-Berkeley and supported by our partner, New Visions for Public Schools.

LDC CoreTools includes embedded Help resources; however, your experience will be more intuitive if you already have a basic understanding of module design and the LDC creation process.

Before you click on the link below and log in to access LDC CoreTools, we recommend that you:

  1. Review How LDC Works to gain a basic understanding of the four sections of an LDC module: What Task?  >  What Skills?  >  What Instruction?  >  What Results?
  2. Watch the guided video walkthroughs of the LDC CoreTools experience on the right side of this page.

With that, we welcome you to log in to LDC CoreTools!


Technical Support

If you need technical help accessing LDC CoreTools or to report a problem, please contact us