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LDC LEARN: Professional learning that packs a powerful punch.

The most important technology investment you can make in any classroom is in the teacher.

We believe the best professional learning happens when teachers do their day-to-day work with feedback and discussion along the way.

LDC LEARN is designed to be used during the school day as part of ongoing collaborative teams or PLCs—reducing reliance on substitutes and workshop.

With LDC LEARN, you can rapidly enhance the power of PLCs and see immediate classroom application. Quality standards-driven curriculum in the hands of a skilled teacher results in measurable increases in student engagement and outcomes.

Tech-enabled instructional cycles (lesson study) work with any standards, any curriculum, any discipline, and any grade level. Using backwards design principles, teachers target the essentials: high-quality assignments and student-centered instructional sequences focused on writing in response to complex texts in all disciplines.

LDC LEARN isn’t new work—teachers plan, teach, and evaluate their impact on student growth. Over and over again. We fuel the fundamental work you are doing already.

LDC LEARN Components

Online professional learning

Implementation toolkit

Evidenced-based badges and professional learning

Data analytics and progress monitoring

An LDC LEARN license provides the resources for a year-long professional learning plan for an entire school, grade level, or job-alike group of teachers (i.e. STEM, History, etc.). Licenses are priced to serve an unlimited number of teachers in a single school or a cohort of 25 teachers across multiple schools or a region. Teachers refine existing or plan new rigorous, standards-driven assignments and instruction, and assess their impact on student growth and outcomes.

Our bite-sized Khan Academy-style activities guide educators through online learning experiences such as coding assignments for standards alignment or collaboratively analyzing student work. With our instructional cycles, teachers refine existing or plan new rigorous, standards-driven assignments and instruction, and assess their impact on student growth.

All LDC LEARN sessions are organized in a manner that fits most PLC planning structures rather than requiring you to pull teachers out of the classroom.

Teacher Building, NOT Teacher Proofing

LDC LEARN makes collaboration easy. Side-by-side or across the district, teachers work together to gain important instructional skills and achieve better results with their students. With LDC LEARN, teachers master skills in these four instructional competencies:

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Analyzing assignments for standards and student learning goals

Constructing quality assignment prompts

Developing quality instructional plans

Assessing outcomes and iterate instruction

The growth of the critical professional skills valued by the profession (including Danielson- and Marzano- based systems) means an investment in local capacity and teacher leadership. Don’t rely on others for sustainability—build your experts at home.

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