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LDC curricula are built on best practices in the planning, instruction, and assessment of writing-in-response-to-reading tasks.

With a focus on authentic disciplinary literacy, LDC aligns with Understanding by Design (UbD) as a backward design system that ensures teachers actively teach—not assign—what matters and then assess what they teach.

With LDC, teachers adapt existing standards-driven LDC assignments to fit their classrooms or plan new rigorous assignments using LDC’s innovative online learning platform, LDC CoreTools.

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LDC templates

LDC is not an initiative. Instead, we believe in supporting teachers to be more efficient in the work they do every day. That’s why we provide shell task templates for building and adapting standards-driven assignments that can work within any curricular scope and sequence.

LDC templates ensure that assignments in any curriculum and in any discipline meet the rigor of academic standards. LDC Task Templates are available for K–1, 2–5, and 6–12.

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LDC rubrics

LDC student work rubrics formatively and summatively assess student work for evidence of disciplinary content and literacy standards and skills in grades K-12. The normed and calibrated SCALE rubrics are adaptable, so you can select specific rows, combine specific rows from several rubrics, or use an entire rubric. We offer these options for K-12:

  • Argumentative Writing Rubrics

  • Informational Writing Rubrics

  • NGSS Science Disciplinary Rubrics

  • C3 Social Studies Disciplinary Rubrics

  • CCSS Reading Standards Rubrics

The LDC curriculum improvement cycle

Curriculum matters. That’s why LDC offers states, regional networks, and school districts a suite of customizable curriculum improvement services that puts quality curriculum first. We focus on helping educators develop discipline-specific, standards-driven, backward design curriculum.

Curriculum Audits

LDC analyzes existing curricula and assesses scope and sequences, then provides recommendations on how to ensure equity and guarantee throughout a curriculum.


Curriculum Planning and Development

LDC partners with districts and schools to construct curriculum maps that define viable, guaranteed curriculum.

Curriculum Vetting

The LDC National Faculty vets curriculum anchors so educators can receive written feedback to build capacity for improved curriculum development.

Building Capacity

LDC curriculum experts help develop curriculum life cycles and train local curriculum reviewers to ensure sustainability.

Our curriculum improvement services lead to measurable results in teacher and coach efficacy and in student outcomes.

Ensuring quality curriculum

Quality curriculum matters and the ability to efficiently and effectively design and build that curriculum is a difference maker. With the LDC CoreTools learning platform, educators build curriculum and integrate formative and summative rubric reviews into curriculum development, professional learning workflows, and credentialing. Curriculum vetting through our nationally calibrated double-blind peer review system ensures generations of students have the opportunity to access high-quality, rigorous curriculum as an integral part of their school experience.

Use our SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric (CAR) to create a shared system of quality indicators that help teachers, schools, and systems align curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as ensure that every task put in front of students is standards-driven, engaging, and leads to improved outcomes.

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Our standards-driven curriculum and backward design process is a difference maker. When a school, state, or district supports its teachers in implementing LDC assignments, students rise to the challenge and excel.