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LDC is a Curriculum Alignment System

Quality you can count on and measure. With LDC, measure what matters most: the assignments students and teachers use every day.

Use the SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric (CAR) to create a shared system of quality indicators that help teachers, schools, and systems align curriculum, instruction, and assessment, as well as ensure that every task put in front of students is standards-driven, engaging, and leads to improved outcomes.

Start small and think big. The SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric lays out the features of a quality assignment or performance task. Teachers select this vetted, validated, and field-tested rubric as their preferred way to assess student work and impact on student growth, and to evaluate results in student work.

This rubric allows a school system to norm definitions of quality across classrooms—across town and nationwide.

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Our Experts

LDC is supported by an LDC Academic Advisory Board of national experts and the LDC National Faculty, a team of highly calibrated practitioners from around the country with deep disciplinary expertise and a track record of providing actionable feedback.

The LDC Academic Advisory Board

Ruth Chung Wei

P. David Pearson

Jay McTighe

Eleanor Dougherty

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The LDC National Faculty

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Quality in the LDC Platform


Quality curriculum makes a difference. LDC believes that quality is part of the daily work in a school, not just a periodic event. Use LDC CoreTools to integrate formative and summative rubric reviews into curriculum development, professional learning workflows, and credentialing. Curriculum vetting through nationally calibrated double-blind peer review ensures generations of students have the opportunity to access high-quality, rigorous curriculum.

LDC's Curriculum Alignment Services

Build your capacity for a continually improving system

A state, regional network, or school district first works with LDC to conduct an audit of existing curriculum, and then develops a plan for establishing or improving both the overall architecture and specific curriculum for targeted standards, grades, and courses. The curriculum collection is reviewed, revised, and finalized. Next, plans for professional learning to implement the curriculum and collect student work are enacted. Leaders develop curriculum life cycles and train internal curriculum reviewers to ensure sustainability and build local capacity to keep the work central.

Curriculum Audit

LDC curriculum audit services include analysis and assessment of curriculum scope and sequences, gap analyses, and customized recommendations to ensure equity throughout a curriculum.

Curriculum Planning and Architecture

LDC supports systems in developing architectures of guaranteed curriculum, with the goal of ensuring equity across a system for teacher access to high-quality rigorous curriculum, and student access to the types of learning experiences that guarantee college and career readiness. LDC’s includes all stakeholder groups in its process of constructing customized curriculum maps that define viable, guaranteed curriculum.

Curriculum Reviews

Research and practice confirm—task predicts performance. LDC provides the process to ensure quality and rigor in any curriculum. High-priority curriculum anchors are vetted by the LDC National Faculty and receive written feedback to build capacity for improved curriculum development. The review process includes: double-blind scoring by expert, calibrated LDC Reviewers using the research-validated SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric; constructive feedback and suggested revisions on curricular units; and individual and group pattern analyses.

Curriculum Alignment Training and Calibration

LDC trains educators to use the SCALE/LDC Curriculum Alignment Rubric formatively, as part of professional learning, and summatively for curriculum development. LDC also offers quality credentialing through evidence-based calibration and norming Badges. Interested and calibrated reviewers can apply to become part of the LDC National Faculty.

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