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Teachers love LDC for many reasons, but most of all because it works. Students in LDC classrooms develop a deeper understanding of core subjects. They are not only more engaged in the work of the classroom, but more invested in their own learning—both challenged and invigorated by the academic success that many had never experienced until they were introduced to LDC teaching tasks. LDC works for low-performing, high-performing, special needs…all students.

Building Life Skills in a Middle School Classroom

Quinton A. Granville

7th Grade Social Studies & Reading Teacher

DC Teachers Finding "Bliss"

Cosby Hunt

Manager of Teaching & Learning, Center for Inspired Teaching

Teaching Teachers LDC

Karen Harris

Literacy Instructional Facilitator

Hooked on LDC

Marcus Watson

Middle School Science Teacher

From “Ho-Hum” to Real Excitement

Sara Ballute

10th Grade Social Studies Teacher

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