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Educators, administrators, and students stand behind the transformative power of LDC

Better together

At LDC, our premise is simple:

Better Coaches + Better Teachers + Better Curriculum = Better Results.

When LDC partners with stakeholders at all levels of an educational system, together we prepare a rising generation of students to be informed leaders and critical thinkers.

Better Coaches


of teachers agreed that LDC coaches effectively plan meetings and provide useful feedback.


of teachers said their LDC coach was knowledgeable and provided high-quality guidance.


of administrators agreed that LDC’s backward design planning tools and job-embedded coaching aligned with existing reading and writing initiatives occurring at their schools.

Better Teachers


improved in developing instructional plans.


improved in constructing prompts, identifying assignments, and assessing student learning to revise instruction.


increased their understanding of the Common Core Standards for reading and writing.

Better Curriculum

In a Research for Action study of 1,600 teachers:


reported that LDC is effective in increasing rigor of writing assignments.


found LDC effective in promoting literacy skills in science and social studies.


found LDC effective in supporting students' college readiness.

Better Results

For schools across the country, LDC has been a difference maker. Our backward design, standards-based curricula transforms classroom literacy practices and generates authentic learning and real gains for students.

Nationally tested, continually proven

Since LDC was developed by nationally recognized literacy experts and informed by teacher-practitioners, ongoing research has confirmed that LDC leads to teacher instructional shifts and improved student outcomes.

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