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About the LDC i3 Project

The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC)  was awarded a five-year Investing in Innovation (i3) grant from the U.S. Department of Education to provide support to approximately 100 schools in New York City and Los Angeles. The LDC i3 project focuses on teacher-building, not teacher-proofing, and does so with job-embedded professional development and the use of professional learning communities (PLCs). Teachers work collaboratively with coaches to further develop their expertise and design standards-driven, literacy-rich writing assignments within their existing curriculum across all content areas.

The goal of this five-year effort is to provide students with numerous opportunities to develop the enduring reading and writing skills that the College- and Career-Readiness literacy standards require in each discipline. Additionally, the LDC i3 project connects professional learning with the real work of the classroom, providing K–12 teachers with in-person and virtual support and an ongoing learning path for skill development—at no cost—for the 2016–17, 2017–18, and 2018-19 school years.

See an overview of the project below, then scroll down to see what coaches, project liaisons, and teachers are saying about the impact the LDC i3 project is having on their students.

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LDC i3 in Action


“[T]his planning process has enabled teachers to dissect how they will scaffold and teach the skills students need to complete the writing assignment and to be more intentional with their assignments across classrooms in the grade level.” - LDC coach Karen Venditti

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“Students engaged in accountable talk by using the LDC-written mini-task with fidelity; students observed the fishbowl respectfully and provided feedback on positive observations. When moving to their groups, students immediately adopted their debate roles and shared their notes from their original brainstorm the prior class period. Students were highly engaged in the discussion and listened respectfully to classmates by allowing them to speak without interjection and use the sentence starter stems in the mini-task anchor chart." - Project Liaison and Social Studies/ELA/special education teacher Katie McNelly

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"LDC has helped me develop weeklong modules that go deeper with a particular standard that the students are in need of more practice with. The LDC framework has encouraged me to ramp up the level of rigor in my literacy block where I know have much of my class immersed in the stages of close reading, writing to explain, and constructing models of their learning. I have implemented  the framework three different times and feel more and more excited about it each week!" - Jennifer Barry, first-grade teacher

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