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When students complete an LDC teaching task, teachers score the students’ work using a CCRS-aligned rubric provided with the task templates. Each of the rubrics (Argumentation, Informational or Explanatory, and Narrative) was co-designed with Measured Progress, SCALE at Stanford University, LDC partners, and teachers. The LDC rubrics guide teachers in evaluating their students' progress and give students important information about what they need to work on next. Teachers use the information from the scored student work to inform their instructional decisions.

During the LDC module design process, teachers are encouraged to keep the expectations of the particular rubric in mind as they design their teaching task and instruction. Once a teacher starts to implement the module, it is essential that students always understand the expectations for what they need to know and do. For students new to LDC, teachers usually build in a basic rubric-analysis skill and a related mini-task in their instruction that helps students understand the rubric at the beginning of their modules. 

You can find the standard LDC rubrics for each writing type inside of the full module templates available on the What Task? page, or you can find stand-alone versions on the right side of this page in addition to other draft LDC rubrics.

Please visit the What Results? page to learn more about how to use the LDC rubrics to score student work and to find anchor papers scored using the rubrics.


Why should I use the LDC rubrics?

A common rubric allows for shared scoring, facilitates shared expectations, and builds inter-rater reliability and scoring calibration across a school community. Sharing classroom sets of student work gives teachers robust professional learning opportunities to examine their own practice and how they contributed to those results.

Where can I learn more about how to use these rubrics to score student work?

Please visit the help page for "What Results?" to learn more about best practices for scoring student work with the LDC rubric.

Can I see samples of student work scored with the LDC rubric?

Visit the What Results? page.