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Additional Teacher FAQs


Who uses LDC tools?

All educators. LDC tools are designed to be flexible and applicable for all grade-levels and content areas. High school, middle school, elementary, science, social studies, ELA, CTE, and many other content areas as well as special education, ELL, after-school—all teachers can use the LDC tools!

If I join the LDC community, how is my information protected?

LDC CoreTools is a password-protected site; user data is private and is stored on protected servers. Teachers determine who to share their work with within LDC CoreTools by using the share feature—similar to sharing a Google Doc with others. Individual work designing or collaborating on modules is never shared unless a teacher decides to share it herself. LDC authors may choose to submit their modules for jurying and to be used as examples for the LDC Community of Practice. The decision to submit a module is solely up to the author. 

I really just want to use the LDC tools on my own. Can I do that?

Yes. While LDC is built to promote teacher-designed, teacher-led professional learning and growth through collaboration, educators can choose to use LDC tools on their own.

How can I receive professional development around LDC?

LDC CoreTools was designed by teachers for teachers and includes a host of embedded professional development materials within the online experience, including how-to guides, teacher videos, module and mini-task exemplars, guided design planning, and other professional supports.

Examples of LDC training materials and information about how coaches can support teachers on LDC can be found on our LDC Coaches resource page.

To learn about our national partners and find out if there is an approved professional development organization that can provide PD to you, visit our Partners page.

If you’d like to request additional information about professional development for LDC, please contact us.

How does LDC support teacher effectiveness in my context/district?

Teachers using the LDC Framework become more effective because their instruction is CCRS-aligned and rigorous and the LDC teaching tasks fuel student engagement and increased quality of student work. As states revamp teacher evaluation systems, teachers are being asked to collect portfolios demonstrating their effectiveness that go beyond summative assessment data. Working with the LDC tools supports teachers in multiple domains that are aligned with various teacher effectiveness systems, including Danielson, Marzano, Marshall, and a host of others.

For example, LDC teacher work demonstrates extensive evidence of planning and preparation, professional responsibilities, as well as planning for both classroom environment and instruction that will be evident during teacher delivery and student work generated (Danielson domains 1, 2, 3, 4). In addition, because LDC work can largely be done in LDC CoreTools, teachers have an easy and manageable way to track, document, and present evidence of their work.

How can I join the LDC Community of Practice?

A few ways to contribute to the community of practice include:

  • Design and share your work with other teaches within your school, district, state, or even nationally in LDC CoreTools
  • Learn more about the module jurying process
  • Learn about the mini-task library by visiting our page on stand-alone mini-tasks and contact us if you wish to submit your mini-tasks to the library
  • Connect with other LDC teachers and coaches
  • Tweet, blog, or use other social media to highlight your LDC work with colleagues and engage new teachers in the LDC community
  • Introduce your school colleagues and administrators to LDC
  • Contact us if you have other vetted resources you wish to contribute to the LDC Community of Practice

How can I contribute teacher help resources and exemplary content to the LDC community of practice?

LDC hopes that teachers will submit successful modules, instructional resources, mini-tasks, videos, student work samples, and any other vetted resources so that teachers across the country will benefit from this experience and expertise.

To contribute a help resource such as a video/screencast, document, or work samples related to any LDC topic, please contact us.

What if I have a question about LDC that isn’t addressed here? What if there’s a help resource that I need but can’t find?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll answer your questions and consider featuring them here to benefit other teachers.