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Interactive Lesson Builder

Teachers can easily search for high-quality, literacy-based lessons by grade level, discipline, standard, length, and more.

Flexible Teaching Templates

We focus on teacher decision points, helping to build assignments that guide students to understand and write well about what they've read.

Accessible Modules

With LDC, teachers backwards design and teach short, disciplinary writing units.


Exemplary Student Work

With LDC, students truly understand the task at hand, and the process of crafting effective writing in any subject. Their work proves it.

Sample Curricula

Our short lessons are highly targeted and standards-driven. Designed to be flexible, they can work within any curriculum.

Peer Review

As teachers work through our process, they develop and refine 20 core competencies such as #14: How to Align Assignments to Standards.


Plays Well With Others

LDC works with existing initiatives, not to supplant, but to enhance and improve teaching practices and effectiveness, maximizing district investments and boosting measurable goals.

Structured Teacher Collaboration

LDC provides teachers with in-person and virtual coaching, professional development courses, and a network of like-minded teacher collaborators.

Curriculum Alignment

With LDC common assignments, schools align curriculum and assessment.

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