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Our mission: Get kids to read and write like scientists

We created three standards-driven, literacy-rich module templates built around the design and development process Battelle scientists use every day. We then gave those templates to five amazing teachers who brought them to life in the classroom.


How do students develop data fluency? Our template helps you build assignments that encourage students to isolate the data selection, analysis, and reporting process.


How do you encourage the scientific process? Our template gets students to ask questions, gather knowledge, develop and carry out testing, gather data, and more.


How do you design solutions to real-world problems? Our template encourages students to read RFPs, research and create solutions, and present and defend their work.

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Data Analysis


We often ask students to carry out meaningful scientific studies, not realizing that they are not sufficiently experienced with data analysis. This data analysis template asks students to utilize "secondary data"—data sets that already exist and were gathered by someone else.


Using pre-existing data temporarily removes the "experimentation" stage of the scientific process in order to focus student learning on how to choose data that can answer a scientific question, and how to interpret and present that data.

Module 1

Student Determined Data Analysis

Watch Dorothy Sutton’s high school class work their way through a Data Analysis module.

Controlled Experimentation


This template allows students to investigate a question they have with ​the intent​ of learning information that can better society or ​to re-test information to help prove it in a real-world application.


The development, implementation, and analysis of a controlled experiment is the backbone of science. This module will help students through this scientific process.

Module 1

Surf & Turf

See middle school teacher Kris Stevens' students develop a method for collecting their experimental data.

Module 2

What Factors Influence Plant Carbon Dioxide Production and Usage?

Watch Erika Reeves' class use graphic organizers to get everything they’ve learned about photosynthesis out of their heads and onto paper.



This template is meant to be applied in a ‘real-world’ manner—optimally driven by authentic partnerships in your community. It’s based on the process Battelle engineers go through in designing and prototyping solutions—a process that has lead to the Xerox machine, the CD, and countless other innovations!


Production is the essence of STEM education. Purposeful production is the definition of design. The design module shows students what scientific thinking and practice yield in the real world.

Module 1

Squirmy Science

Watch middle school teacher Claire Hampel take her class through the entire process of designing meal worm habitats.

Module 2

Catching Sun with a Donut

Watch high school teacher Tammy Beilke and her students walk us through a lesson for her Catching Sun with a Donut module.