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Meet the Newest LDC Staff Member

Literacy Design Collaborative
July 28, 2014

Meet Barb Smith, the newest additon to the LDC National staff. The LDC Manager of Professional Development and Partners, Barb is passionate about improving teaching and learning. Equally comfortable debating the legacy of Aslan versus Dumbledore with students or engaging in task development with a virtual workgroup, she has led continuous improvement efforts from first grade to college. Prior to joining LDC, she led LDC projects through Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, a Pennsylvania education service agency. She was a member of the state technical assistance team and a data liaison for the Striving Reader’s Grant. Barb holds a B.A., an M.Ed., a Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility, and certificates in Reading, Curriculum and Instruction. She is a doctoral candidate at Alvernia University, working towards a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. Barb loves to cook, travel, read, spend time outdoors, and practice boxing and yoga.

Join Us in Nashville!

Literacy Design Collaborative
July 10, 2014

We’re getting ready to head for Nashville for an exciting week at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Focusing on strategies for advancing students’ literacy and math achievement, the College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking and High Schools That Work conferences will offer a multitude of sessions tailored for new and experienced LDC users. Will we see YOU there?

This is a great opportunity to engage in professional learning, share successes (and challenges) with colleagues, network with LDC community members from across the country, and meet the LDC national team. Don’t miss the opening keynote by Melinda Gates: Every Child Deserves a Champion, on Monday, July 14 at 1:00 p.m. Sessions presented by LDC National team members are listed below.

Check out the Tweet Up sessions hosted by our friends at Puget Sound Educational Service District (also listed below). Finally, don’t miss a chance to share your LDC CoreStory. Tell us about the impact LDC has had on your students and your practice. We’ll videotape you to share your story with others.

New RFA Cross-Case Study Highlights Successful LDC Implementations

Literacy Design Collaborative
July 10, 2014

In 2010, Research for Action (RFA) began a comprehensive, multi-year study of the scale-up and sustainability of the LDC Framework and tools. In 2012-13, RFA conducted case study research on the implementation of LDC in three separate locations across the country: Kenton County, Kentucky (a medium-size urban/suburban district); Hillsborough County, Florida (a large urban district); and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, Pennsylvania (a regional educational service agency).

The three case studies described in Enacting Common Core Instruction: A Comparative Study of the Use 
of LDC Literacy Tools in Three Sites illustrate how LDC tools were adopted in different settings and contexts, and which approaches and supports contributed to the successful adoption and use of the tools.

Daviess County (KY) LDC Teachers in the News

Jeannie Sharkey
July 9, 2014

Kudos to Steve Goodrid, a history teacher at Daviess County High School, and Angie Howard, a fourth-grade teacher at Country Heights Elementary School for recognition of their professional achievement. Featured in an article by Keith Lawrence, which appeared July 7, 2014 in the Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, KY), the two LDC teachers were recognized for their exemplary modules: Goodrid’s Television in the 1950s and 1960s and Howard’s Should Animals be Kept in Zoos?

See these exemplary modules—and more—in LDC CoreTools.

Read the article here (reprinted with permission):



A Great New Resource for Integrating History and Literacy Instruction

Suzanne Simons
July 9, 2014

Check out: Reading, Thinking, and Writing About History: Teaching Argument Writing to Diverse Learners in the Common Core Classroom, Grades 6-12—a newly published book by Chauncey Monte-Sano (of Reading Like a Historian fame), Susan De La Paz, and Mark Felton). This is a great new resource for integrating history and literacy instruction. Learn about teaching and assessing historical thinking and disciplinary literacy through cognitive apprenticeship.    

Introducing New LDC CoreTools Features to Support “Stand-Alone” Mini-Tasks

Rob Kasher
June 30, 2014

As of June 30th, LDC CoreTools has been upgraded to support teachers in a number of important ways. 

Most significantly, LDC CoreTools now enables users to work with literacy mini-tasks in a “stand-alone” environment. Before the upgrade, mini-tasks could only be created or edited within the module-authoring environment. Likewise, the library of vetted mini-tasks was only accessible from within the module-authoring environment. Now users can create, edit, copy, and share individual stand-alone mini-tasks.

Announcing LDC Big Bank Task Template Collections

Suzanne Simons
June 25, 2014

LDC is delighted to share its Big Bank Task Template Collections. These collections, K–5 and 6–12, contain task templates based on the Common Core Reading Standards, Grades K–12. Each standard for reading literature, reading informational, ELA for history and social studies, and ELA for science and technical subjects has been turned into the LDC task template format.


Join the Common Core: What Works? Blogathon

Literacy Design Collaborative
June 20, 2014

Between July 7–31st, educators from around the country will be posting and commenting on blogs on the topic of Common Core: What Works? Sponsored by our friends and colleagues on the Literacy team at Puget Sound Educational Service District, the 2014 Common Core Blogathon is a great opportunity to share best practices and engage with fellow educators implementing the Common Core and LDC in their classrooms. Readers will be sharing the content and commenting on what they read on PSESD’s CORElaborate website, all in an effort to increase capacity and success around Common Core alignment.

All About LDC Mini-Tasks

Rob Kasher
June 17, 2014

Community of Practice Manager Rob Kantner describes mini-tasks, their uses, and tools used to develop quality mini-tasks.

LDC Research Update

Literacy Design Collaborative
June 12, 2014

As part of our mission to provide the most effective resources and services possible to improve teacher and student outcomes, LDC is engaged in a number of research projects focused on the strength, relevance, and impact of our tools. We’d like to highlight three key studies published in 2013–2014 and alert our community of practice to several exciting new LDC research endeavors.


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