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LDC Welcomes New Staff

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 19, 2014

Since LDC’s debut as a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping educators ensure every student graduates from high school with the literacy skills necessary for success, Executive Director Chad Vignola has been working to build an enthusiastic team to support the LDC community. We’re pleased to introduce the newest LDC staff.

Teaching Students to Write Editorials

Mary Lynn Huie
March 19, 2014

One of my favorite writing genres for argumentative teaching tasks is the editorial. Examples are easily accessible on almost any topic are easily accessible, and students may be able to publish in the school or local newspaper.  


Tips for Designing Each Cluster in the LDC Instructional Ladder

Susan Weston
March 19, 2014

Preparation for the Task

Imagine students getting their first assignment in college or a career-training program. Think about the skills they would need to complete it successfully: noticing the parts of the assignment, figuring out what would qualify as a good job and how to earn a good grade, and figuring out how to schedule the work. Include these skills in your module.

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