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Export Modules to a PDF With a Grid View for What Instruction?

Rob Kasher
April 2, 2014

An “Export to PDF” feature was recently added to LDC CoreTools that will allow you to generate a neatly formatted electronic copy of a module that can also be printed. This new feature is located in the “Module Settings” drop-down that is found in the upper-left corner of the LDC CoreTools module viewer/editor.

Tips for Surviving and Thriving in Teaching Your First Module

Baba Olumiji
March 31, 2014

So you have downloaded the module, reviewed your teaching task, previewed the reading materials, and reviewed the rubric. Now it is time to take the module into the classroom and make it come to life for the benefit of your students. Similar to introducing any new curriculum model to students, there may be moments where you will become stuck and questions will develop in your mind. Below are some tips and strategies that I have found beneficial to my students and me as we work through modules. 


LDC Session Inspires and Motivates Teachers New to LDC

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 26, 2014

Thirty enthusiastic educators participated in Integrating Reading Into the Content Areas, an LDC session presented at the Teaching & Learning Conference in Washington, DC, on March 15. Suzanne Simons, LDC Chief of Instruction & Design, provided an overview of the LDC Framework, setting the stage for a hands-on activity in which educators created teaching tasks based on LDC templates. 


LDC CoreTools Now Includes Grade-Level Common Core Standards

Rob Kasher
March 24, 2014

LDC CoreTools users in the Community of Practice have asked for improvements in CoreTools that would enable them to specify precise grade-level Common Core standards in their modules instead of the more general anchor standards that have been used in the past. This major improvement has been implemented and is now accessible in LDC CoreTools!

New Exemplary Modules in LDC CoreTools!

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 24, 2014

Join us in congratulating these teachers for their LDC modules, which have been reviewed by members of the national LDC jurying team and rated exemplary. The exemplary modules have been included in LDC CoreTools and are available across our national community of practice to help other teachers improve their practice and lead students across the country to academic success.

Supporting Students in Multi-Level Classrooms

Suzanne Simons
March 20, 2014

The grade-level Common Core standards that are now included in LDC CoreTools can be a huge support for all teachers with multi-level classrooms—including special education, ELL, and striving readers. 

LDC CoreTools: Getting Better All the Time

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 19, 2014

Based on invaluable feedback from the community, we continue to enhance LDC CoreTools, providing new features, functionality, and resources to meet the needs of educators across the country. Check out the latest LDC CoreTools developments!

About LDC Module Jurying

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 19, 2014

SCALE has created a rigorous jurying process for LDC modules that is central to helping LDC teachers: (1) share high-quality Common Core-aligned exemplary modules across our community, (2) create a standard, accurate process for reviewing modules and providing teachers with actionable feedback for revision, and (3) establish professional learning experiences for LDC teachers and coaches.

LDC Welcomes New Staff

Literacy Design Collaborative
March 19, 2014

Since LDC’s debut as a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping educators ensure every student graduates from high school with the literacy skills necessary for success, Executive Director Chad Vignola has been working to build an enthusiastic team to support the LDC community. We’re pleased to introduce the newest LDC staff.

Teaching Students to Write Editorials

Mary Lynn Huie
March 19, 2014

One of my favorite writing genres for argumentative teaching tasks is the editorial. Examples are easily accessible on almost any topic are easily accessible, and students may be able to publish in the school or local newspaper.  


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