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Join us LIVE for the Carnegie Spotlight Symposium

Caryn Moon
November 21, 2019

Today’s the big day! LDC is being honored at the National Press Club as a Spotlight for exemplary work in the field of education! 

Carnegie Foundation Spotlight 2019

2019 Spotlight

Chad Vignola
November 7, 2019

The Carnegie Foundation has chosen the Literacy Design Collaborative to spotlight nationally for our exemplary continuous improvement work in the field of education.

Exciting Updates Coming this June to LDC LEARN

May 23, 2018

LDC's bank of open educational resources (OER) in LDC LEARN is growing! Beginning June 4, all users will see updates in their LDC CoreTools Learn Tab. The first of these updates will appear in our free OER professional learning content. Users will have access to three newly updated courses, in additional to the Differentiate for All Students course developed in partnership with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.

The Argument for Argumentation

P. David Pearson
March 21, 2018

It is a privilege for me to be asked to provide this blog post to you as a way of introducing you to a new resource from LDC—a new essay and teaching resource, titled Argumentation Across the Disciplines, authored by myself (P. David Pearson) and colleagues Vicki Griffo, Catherine Miller, and Barrie Olson. LDC gave us the opportunity to summarize research about and best practices in studying argumentation in social studies, science, and English Language Arts. It is our hope that this resource, along with all the embedded links to even more helpful pedagogical tools, will prove to be a lasting and ever-improving resource to the LDC community of educators.

LDC Updates: New Enhancements to Learning Reports

February 13, 2018

LDC coaches and administrators who monitor the progress of their teachers’ instructional cycles often rely on seeing a red triangle icon appear on the summary cards of their Learning Reports to know that a module has been taught. This icon indicates that student work has been attached to a participant’s module. In the past, the red triangle icon would only appear for the specific teacher who attached the student work to a module. If the module had co-authors, the icon would not appear on Learning Reports for those teachers. Now, all authors of a module will receive a red triangle whenever anybody attaches student work to the module.

Countering Binary Thinking

Dr. Suzanne Simons
January 9, 2018

One of the legacies of 2017 is the amount of time I’ve spent thinking about civics, fairness, and responsibility. As we head into this new year, I think it’s fair to say that many Americans are more civically engaged than in past years—protesting and marching, writing and posting, joining active communities, voicing personal opinions, and even running for office. 2017 galvanized many citizens to consider how high-level politics affects daily life and to become more involved.

Guest Blog: Saturn Street Elementary LDC Lead & Learn Fellows Share Their LDC Implementation Experience

Saturn Street Elementary
January 2, 2018

Note: We are pleased to welcome guest bloggers and 2017 LDC Lead & Learn Fellows Celenia Calderon and Maria Teresa Alcala from Saturn Street Elementary School in Los Angeles, CA. In this article, one in a series of blogs by Lead & Learn Fellows, they share their experience in learning and implementing LDC tools.

New LDC White Paper Arriving Soon: Teaching Students to Comprehend, Critique, and Construct Arguments

Nicole Renner
November 14, 2017

We are excited to announce the upcoming January 2018 release of a new LDC white paper on teaching argumentation, developed with renowned literacy expert P. David Pearson and the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education. Dr. Pearson and his team immersed themselves in the best available research and resources on argumentation and condensed their findings into a handy guide to the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching argument.

Exciting Enhancements to LDC Learning Reports

November 9, 2017

Recently we introduced enhancements that you will notice the next time you view an LDC Learning Report for any licensed group that you manage.

These improvements were made in response to feedback from coaches and leaders to help them better support those they manage under an LDC Teacher Learning Kit or Coach Certification Kit license.

A Guaranteed, Equitable, Viable Curriculum—A Scope and Sequence Map

Michael Corneau
October 16, 2017

Note: We are pleased to welcome guest bloggers and 2017 LDC Lead & Learn Fellows Michael Corneau, Principal, and Angela Schoon, Teacher Leader, from R.L. Stevenson Elementary School in Merritt Island, FL. In this article, one in a series of blogs by Lead & Learn Fellows, they outline a scope and sequence map.

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