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New Feature: “Group Management” in LDC CoreTools

January 9th, 2017

Rob leverages the resources, knowledge, and best practices generated by LDC users to support and grow the national educator ecosystem of practice. Before joining LDC, Rob supported the implementation of the LDC framework while working for New Visions for Public Schools. A Teach for America alumnus, he is a former social studies teacher who holds a master's from George Washington University and a bachelor's from the University of Michigan. Currently living in San Francisco, Rob is a Metro Detroit native who enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and rooting for most of Detroit's sports teams.

LDC CoreTools users who play any kind of instructional coaching role can use “Group Management” to create and manage groups of teachers they support, invite teachers to create LDC CoreTools accounts if they don’t already have them, apply licenses to groups of teachers to give them access to premium professional learning content, and generate analytics for any licensed groups they manage.

Any user identified as a “Coach” in their LDC CoreTools user profile will find “Group Management” available from the “Coach” menu option in the main CoreTools navigation toolbar.

To learn more, we recommend watching a demo of “Group Management” and/or continue reading below. Also, any time you have questions about this feature you can consult this FAQ.

“Group Management” replaces and builds upon the “Invite Users” feature, adding the following enhancements:

  • Flexible, non-school-based groups. Previously, a group could only be created and defined by selecting a school. Now, Groups can be created — and existing groups can be edited — with much more flexibility. Coaches can name each group however they wish. This allows coaches to manage a group that includes educators from multiple schools, to include in a group users who aren’t connected to one specific school, and to maintain multiple groups of teachers who work at one school.

  • Multiple coaches can manage one group. More than one coach can be given management rights to a single group. One coach who manages a group can now add additional coaches to that group, sharing management access with them.

  • Improved email invitation functionality. Coaches can continue to instantly invite small or large lists of teachers to a group by entering email addresses regardless of whether the teacher already has an LDC CoreTools account (either way, they receive an email either introducing them to the group or inviting them to create an account), but now they can also look up existing CoreTools users by name.

  • Direct group-by-group coach control of licenses to Teacher Learning Kit content. Coaches are now directly and solely in control of ensuring that the teachers they support have access to any content that requires Teacher Learning Kit licenses. If you are a coach at a school, district, or organization that has purchased licenses, you can edit a group’s settings to apply such a license to that group’s teachers (if it isn’t already applied). Every teacher in that group has access to the content specified by that license, and additional teachers also get access to that content as soon as you invite them to a licensed group.

  • Generate analytics for licensed groups. For any group you manage to which a license has been assigned, you will be able to access a Teacher Learning Report from the “Analytics” menu option in the main LDC CoreTools navigation toolbar.

Please contact us if you have any questions.


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