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My Journey: An LDC Lead & Learn Fellow Perspective

January 6th, 2017
Note: We are pleased to welcome guest blogger and 2016 LDC Lead & Learn Fellow Christine Snow from Stevenson Elementary in Florida. In this article, one in a series of blogs by Lead & Learn Fellows, Christine describes her experience at the conference as a presenter.

How did we get there?

Last spring, LDC representatives came to my school (Robert Louis Stevenson) to continue teaching us about LDC module creation. During that time, I was approached to present at the SREB conference as a Lead & Learn Fellow in Kentucky. I felt honored to be asked but what was I going to present? I have a passion for teaching new teachers and creating primary K–2 LDC modules (especially since there are not many out there). I had a colleague who was interested in presenting how to use primary sources as texts. We decided to pair up and present how to create primary modules using primary sources. I felt great knowing I was going to help teachers and help them create primary modules. Leading up to the conference, my colleague and I worked hard to create a presentation that was fun, easy to follow, showed examples of primary modules, and showed student examples. We felt comfortable and confident in our presentation and couldn’t wait to share our experience and modules with other teachers from around the world.

Our Flight/Day 1

We woke up at 2:00 am Sunday evening/Monday morning to fly to Kentucky. Our flight was smooth. Once in Kentucky we quickly headed to our hotel as we had to check in at the convention center by 1:00. We made it to the convention center check in by the hair of our chinny chin chin. We checked in and helped a colleague prepare for her presentation at 2:15, which we attended. At 3:30, I presented on the Primary Grades Elementary Panel. I enjoyed sharing my experience with LDC and answering questions about LDC. After that panel, we were asked to attend a dinner to honor presenters of LDC. The dinner, drinks, and awards ceremony were very nice. It was great to meet other presenters and people that we have been working with virtually (we finally got to put a face to the name). Since we had been up since 2:00 am this morning the night ended early for us as we were beat. Great first day!

Our Big Day

This was our big day! Today was the day my colleague and I had to present. We were nervous but excited. After a wonderful breakfast at our hotel we headed over to the convention center early to prepare. There was no need to be early as there were many tech helpers willing to assist us in setting up our equipment. Set up went smooth, and it was time to rock and roll. We had a great turnout of primary teachers. The presentation went well. We had lots of information and learned from this presentation that we would need more time—or two sessions—next time. I personally felt rushed and wished we had more time to go more in-depth with our modules and student examples. My colleague and I definitely want to present again! Great experience! After seeing more presentations at the conference we headed out on the town. We went exploring on the main strip and boy there was lots to do, from museums to restaurants. Great place to visit!

Overall, this was a great experience and I would love to present for LDC again at future conferences.


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