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LDC Updates: New Enhancements to Learning Reports

February 13th, 2018

LDC coaches and administrators who monitor the progress of their teachers’ instructional cycles often rely on seeing a red triangle icon appear on the summary cards of their Learning Reports to know that a module has been taught. This icon indicates that student work has been attached to a participant’s module.

In the past, the red triangle icon would only appear for the specific teacher who attached the student work to a module. If the module had co-authors, the icon would not appear on Learning Reports for those teachers.

Now, all authors of a module will receive a red triangle whenever anybody attaches student work to the module.

Check out the before and after:

Things to note:

  • It does not matter who attached student work to a module. If anyone with “edit” access to a module attaches student work, all module authors will be credited.
  • This enhancement has a retroactive effect—all Learning Reports will show when student work was attached to an author’s module.
  • If student work is attached to a module and a user is later added as an author of the module, that user will get credit for attached student work retroactive to when it was attached.
  • If a module that has student work is copied, the student work in the copied version of the module is excluded from all reports. “New” student work must be attached for any module author of a copied module to get credit.

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