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LDC School District Kenton County (KY) Cited as a “Trailblazer” in Fordham Institute Research Report

April 8th, 2014

Jeannie holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Washington and a master’s in education from Hunter College. She is a world traveler and dedicated lifelong learner, actively engaged in a variety of outside pursuits, including writing fiction, cooking, landscaping, hiking, and riding motorcycles.

In Common Core in the Districts: An Early Look at Early Implementers (2014)Education First researchers Katie Cristol and Brinton S. Ramsey, in collaboration with the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, profile four “early implementer” school districts to examine factors that are key to successful implementations of standards-based reform: communications, leadership, curricular materials, professional development, and assessment and accountability.

Part Three of the Fordham report (District Case Studies) presents four case studies, the first of which, The Trailblazer: Kenton County School District, profiles Kenton County (KY)—a key LDC district—now in its fourth year of implementation. 

Learn how the use of LDC science and social studies modules district-wide has been instrumental in creating rigorous, literacy-rich assignments to prepare Kenton County students for success in college and career. Read the report.


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