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LDC CoreTools: Getting Better All the Time

March 19th, 2014

Check out the latest LDC CoreTools developments!

Based on invaluable feedback from the community, we continue to enhance LDC CoreTools, providing new features, functionality, and resources to meet the needs of educators across the country. 

LDC CoreTools now includes template tasks and student work rubrics for all elementary grades—as well as an enhanced template task selector that enables users to search multiple template task collections at once. 



Now teachers can specify Common Core Standards for Language and Speaking & Listening in the “Teaching Task” section and search for state standards or add “custom” standards to their modules. 


The LDC CoreTools Mini-Task Library offers more than 50 fully built-out literacy mini-tasks that can be added to modules and adapted for use in any classroom.


The LDC CoreTools Module Library includes more than 40 exemplary-rated modules—with more to come!

In addtion, sharing completed modules publicly in LDC CoreTools allows other users to clone them to build their own—with a byline acknowledgment. Check back often for other exciting developments. Follow us on social media and tell us what you think!


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