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March 19th, 2014


LDC CoreTools is an online collaboration workspace where teachers can access, design, modify, and share lesson plans across content areas to create powerful instructional materials that help prepare students to meet the literacy demands of the Common Core.


With LDC CoreTools you can:

  • Work in a Google Docs-like planning and authoring environment that guides you step by step to create powerful Common Core-aligned curricula including LDC modules and mini-tasks.
  • Share your work and collaborate in real time with colleagues within your school or across the country. 
  • Access exemplary CCSS-aligned curriculum modules, vetted mini-tasks, help resources, teacher videos, student and teacher artifacts—and much more!

Before you begin using LDC CoreTools, we recommend that you:

  • Review the How LDC Works section of the website (on the left navigation) to gain a basic understanding of the four sections of an LDC module.
  • Watch our guided video walkthroughs on the LDC CoreTools page.
  • Investigate the topic-specific FAQs available at the bottom of each page throughout the How LDC Works section and the other FAQs available on the Teachers page.

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