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First National Jurying Training Inspires LDC Community

March 19th, 2014

On January 30, 2014, 68 participants from across the country attended a full day workshop on the LDC module jurying system in Denver, Colorado co-hosted by the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE) and the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC).

Attendees for the first National Jurying Training included a range of community members: administrators and leaders responsible for managing or coordinating LDC work, LDC partners and literacy coaches who work with teacher teams on LDC modules; and teachers and teacher-leaders experienced in designing and teaching LDC modules.

The workshop opened with a welcome from LDC Executive Director Chad Vignola and SCALE Director of Assessment Research and Development Dr. Ruth Chung Wei. Presentations focused on best practices for jurying modules, including an introduction to the LDC Module Jurying Rubric, an overview of the jurying process, and a series of hands-on, collaborative exercises: ranking anchor teaching tasks, individual and trio scoring with anchor modules, and practice in consensus scoring.

Jurying participants embraced the training as not only a valuable professional learning opportunity that would enable them to become more involved in leading LDC locally as well as on a broader scale, but also as an opportunity to meet and collaborate with LDC colleagues and peers from many states. Enthusiasm and energy levels ran high!

One-day training establishes the groundwork for getting participants “certified” as national LDC jurors, which in turn will help the Community of Practice jury and publish more exemplary modules with more regularity, while also helping our partners improve the quality of their work by leveraging their knowledge of jurying across their schools, districts, network and states.

The Denver convening provided an opportunity to create video and other artifacts to support teachers engaged in this important work. SCALE and LDC are developing an online version of the training that will enable us to train and certify additional jurors in the near future. As a national movement of educators committed to an ongoing cycle of continuous growth and improvement, LDC will to continue to create new opportunities—both virtual and in-person—for educators to enhance their professional growth and expertise. (There are plans to conduct another in-person training this summer; details to be announced.)

The new LDC online jurying tool, which supports modules from Module Creator, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and Google Document formats, incorporates a rubric created by the LDC Design Team and SCALE. It allows jurors to easily record their scores for teaching tasks and modules, highlight the jurying rubric, and make annotations onto the module itself. To provide the module author with feedback, the tool creates a summary page of all scores and annotations by all jurors for that module. In addition, the tool includes an indexing and search function, and aggregates data to create average scores when multiple jurors review the same module.

Watch for news of improvements to the LDC jurying tool, which will soon be directly integrated within CoreTools for summative jurying (great for coaching and informal quality control) as well as for official national jurying. We commend juror-training participants’ commitment to the improvement of the education profession and thank them for their thoughtful contributions to the discourse and shared learning that took place. 


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