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Tips for Designing Each Cluster in the LDC Instructional Ladder

March 19th, 2014


Preparation for the Task

Imagine students getting their first assignment in college or a career-training program. Think about the skills they would need to complete it successfully: noticing the parts of the assignment, figuring out what would qualify as a good job and how to earn a good grade, and figuring out how to schedule the work. Include these skills in your module.


Reading Process

Read your text yourself first. The skills you need to figure it out (identifying key information and supporting details, understanding meanings of words and sentences, etc.) provide the best clue about the skills students will need.

Transition to Writing

Think about speaking and listening. Imagine students puzzling through the content they've read out loud and discussing it with classmates—and doing that before they start outlining or drafting their opening paragraphs.

Writing Process

Think about how you create an opening paragraph. Do you typically develop it fully first and then write the paragraphs that follow? I don't. I create a rough idea of my opening, write body paragraphs, and then come back to write my real introduction based on my knowledge of how it all fits together. Consider letting students try the same approach, and see if the final product is more coherent as a result.


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