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5 Ways to Improve Your LDC Coaching Supports

August 23rd, 2016

As school is beginning across the nation, coaches are gearing up to support their teachers for a year of success in the classroom. Check out this list of tips to improve coaching supports:

Our first tip? Ramp up your feedback!

Teachers in schools where coaches provide frequent written feedback in LDC CoreTools produce higher quality instructional plans. Higher quality instructional plans result in better student engagement and writing. Here’s our favorite definition of feedback:

“Helpful feedback is goal-referenced; tangible and transparent; actionable; user-friendly (specific and personalized); timely; ongoing; and consistent.” - Seven Keys to Effective Feedback, Grant Wiggins

Click here for 5 steps to better feedback and better results.

Second tip: Begin your professional learning series with the end in mind!

Teachers whose coaches begin the LDC work with the end in mind situate LDC as part of the work they do every day rather than as something extra that gets added on top of that hard work. LDC equals good, standards-driven backward planning! Teachers who develop those planning skills and carry out effective instructional plans get better results. Period.

So the secret is...don’t make your LDC professional learning all about LDC. Message that it’s about doing quality work to get better results—using LDC.

Find out more here.

Third tip: Use great examples with a purpose!

How many of you have ever sat through a workshop where “one-size-fits-all” examples—or worse yet, no examples—were provided? Teachers want to know that what you are asking them to do truly aligns with their standards and content. They want a clear picture of what using LDC could look like for their students and their own instructional planning. We’ve found that when coaches curate and share high-quality curricular examples, teachers see the relevance of LDC to their discipline/grade level and get excited about using LDC in their work.

Learn more about using purposeful examples with teachers here.

Fourth tip: Use standards to drive your work!

Standards...We’ve been talking about them, writing them, adopting them, and implementing them for some time. But what exactly does that mean in reality? Too often teachers end up covering long lists of standards, yet somehow miss out on engaging students in the deep and purposeful work those standards intend. Using LDC can help you push “reset” on your standards implementation. We’ve found that when coaches help teachers identify a few priority standards, they plan more coherent instruction that has a deep focus on fewer standards rather than a shallow focus on many standards.

Click here for more information on how to use standards to drive your work.

Our fifth and final tip: Create a community!

Last, but not least, we encourage you to create a community with your peers. We have compiled three of our favorite ways to create a community within our LDC network here.

We hope this series of tips is helpful to you as you enter the new school year!

What are your favorite tips for supporting teachers? Share them with us:


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