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12 Fun Things LDC Teachers are Doing in April

March 30th, 2016

SCIENCE TEACHERS (and Elementary Teachers, too!)

LDC’s data recording mini-task helps elementary students master concepts around research. Students (and teachers) shoot marshmallows, pennies, cotton balls—you name it—and record data about each one.

Not eggs, mind you, but solar cells, using dye extracted from donuts. Catching Sun with a Donut, an exemplary science module for high school, develops research, lab, and writing skills while students build a solar cell.

It is spring, after all! Middle schoolers learn what it is like to be a scientist by conducting research on plant photosynthesis in our module called What Factors Influence Plant Carbon Dioxide Production and Usage?  


Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Use their classic “I’m Just a Bill” as a source for the minitask How a Bill Becomes a Law.

Use the Jigsaw Process Guide minitask to analyze a text as a group and pull all the pieces together.
This module about explorers raises questions about the lens of history. Hero? Villain? Make your case.


A day for hoaxes and jokes! Teach your elementary students how to make their own riddles and Play on Words by brainstorming within a single topic.

Hype has a long history. Help students separate fact from fiction with this mini-task comparing two accounts of Paul Revere’s ride.

Flowers for Algernon, that is. Depending on your year end, you may have just enough time to complete this module about character development.


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