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Q & A With Renee Boss of The Fund for Transforming Education

Renee Boss is Initiative Director for The Fund for Transforming Education, which seeks out innovative education solutions that can lead to greater success for all Kentucky students. In collaboration with The Colorado Education Initiative, the organizations recently concluded the Common Assignment Study.

Seeing Is Believing: An LDC Teacher Trainer & Coach Cites Results in the Classroom

March 16, 2015

Imagine my skepticism when I stepped on a chartered bus with more than 100 fourth- and fifth-grade teachers from my district just days after completing the school year AND travelling over ten hours to a workshop about a topic I knew little about. My only knowledge about the topic was that it was connected to the UbD work that our district had spent the prior year investigating with our sister schools. The school district was offering a stipend (I never turn those down) and an academic adventure (I thrive on those). Some of our secondary partners who had stepped on this “LDC bus” a year or so earlier were there to greet and support us. So, I, in the company of my fellow grade level pioneers, plodded through two eight-hour days and gained some new insights (and questions) about this instructional framework, called LDC.

RFA Webinar: Leadership Lessons From LDC Implementation

January 30, 2015

Thanks to all LDC Community members who joined this week’s webinar, Leadership Lessons From LDC Implementation: A Discussion of the RFA Cross-Case Analysis, which drew participants from New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida. Presented by Rebecca Reumann-Moore, Senior Research Associate at Research for Action (RFA), the webinar is the first in our new LDC in Action: Voices From the Field bi-monthly series.

RFA Research Highlights the Strength, Relevance, and Impact of LDC Tools

Research for Action (RFA), a non-profit education research organization, has been studying LDC since its inception in 2010. RFA has been examining the implementation of LDC, as well as the context and conditions necessary for scaling up and sustaining LDC tool use, and for maximizing their impact on teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Two recent RFA briefs, which draw on a 2013 survey of 3,324 English language arts, science, and social studies teachers in 21 states and interview data from three case studies sites (two in separate school districts and an education service agency with four districts providing interview data), are available.

New RFA Cross-Case Study Highlights Successful LDC Implementations

In 2010, Research for Action (RFA) began a comprehensive, multi-year study of the scale-up and sustainability of the LDC Framework and tools. In 2012-13, RFA conducted case study research on the implementation of LDC in three separate locations across the country: Kenton County, Kentucky (a medium-size urban/suburban district); Hillsborough County, Florida (a large urban district); and Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13, Pennsylvania (a regional educational service agency).

The three case studies described in Enacting Common Core Instruction: A Comparative Study of the Use 
of LDC Literacy Tools in Three Sites illustrate how LDC tools were adopted in different settings and contexts, and which approaches and supports contributed to the successful adoption and use of the tools.

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