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LDC Vocabulary Decoded: Most Frequently Used Terms Explained

September 26, 2017

Like many organizations, LDC has a lexicon filled with unique vocabulary. Take a look at this list to dig into some terms that might be more-than-meets-the-eye!

9 Pitfalls to Check for When Reviewing and Designing an LDC Task

Creating an LDC Task and designing your work backward can be tricky, especially for those new to LDC. Here are some common pitfalls to check for when reviewing and designing LDC Tasks.

Connecting the Dots: Using LDC to Measure and Monitor Student Growth

When we think of measuring student growth, many times thoughts immediately go to an easily gathered, computerized assessment score. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s somewhat comparable. Teachers across the state of Kentucky wanted another option. They wanted a true measure of their students’ work and their students’ progress. They wanted to be able to monitor their students throughout the year, authentically measure students’ growth, and adjust instruction to meet student needs. They wanted to actually see through the lens of their students’ work—where their students excel and where they struggle. They wanted something more meaningful—something the computerized score did not provide.

The Writing's on the LDC Wall

September 27, 2016

Note: We are pleased to welcome guest bloggers and LDC 2016 Lead & Learn Fellows Meagan Brockway, Tara Clopper, and Rebecca Rice from Greencastle-Antrim High School. In this article, one in a series of blogs by Lead & Learn Fellows, the team shares their tips on how to start an "LDC revolution" at your school.

How Integration of Technology in the Classroom Can Support Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening

August 30, 2016

The world is an ever-changing place, and technology is becoming more and more an integral and vital part of our lives. As teachers, we face a tremendous challenge in preparing our students for an increasingly complex, cognitively demanding, and interconnected world. More schools and districts are investing in technology, with student access to devices growing everyday. However, we—as teachers and educators—know it’s not enough to just fill our classrooms with technology. Research tells us we need to create innovative and purposeful learning opportunities for our students by integrating technology into our daily practice rather than using technology as an add-on.

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