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Hamilton-Inspired Tasks for Your Classroom

April 27, 2017

LDC is thrilled to announce the addition of The Hamilton History Task collection to the curriculum library in LDC CoreTools. Created by LDC expert Susan Weston, this collection includes four tasks inspired by the Broadway sensation, Hamilton: An American Musical.

Top 10 Principles of LDC Module Peer Review

November 28, 2016

Hot on the heels of the IU13 LDC National Peer Review Studio, the team at LDC wanted to share with the community ten things you should know to help finesse your module-reviewing skills.

Government-Focused Lessons Perfect for Election Season

It is nearly impossible to watch TV, log on to social media, or even have a conversation these days without hearing about the presidential election, right?
This year’s electoral process is exposing issues about the nature of democracy. Why not make this an opportunity to engage your students in a literacy-rich assignment about democratic ideals?

Submit Your Best Modules for National Peer Review by April 29!

LDC’s National Peer Review process provides an ideal opportunity to reflect and receive feedback on your recent work as well as a way to recognize educators for their professional accomplishments. We hope that you will submit your best modules to Spring 2016 LDC National Peer Review; the deadline for submissions is Friday, April 29th.

The Battelle & LDC Science Collection is Live!

February 18, 2016

LDC science teachers partnered with Battelle scientists to create a series of standards-aligned STEM lessons, modules, and templates for middle & high school students based on the design & development process Battelle scientists use around the world every day.

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