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TimeWise Schools

TimeWise Schools works with partners to design and scale practice-friendly supports for teaching and learning. TimeWise led the design team that created LDC, collaborating with literacy experts to develop and launch the work. TimeWise is currently working with partners to build better master schedules with serious embedded PD time for teachers and better classroom environments to support instruction.  The process TimeWise developed is called School by Design™. 


How TimeWise Schools Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

TimeWise specializes in the reality of practice, where nothing works in isolation. TimeWise works closely with school districts to find teacher time during the school day and support districts in using it well, pulling together iPD (a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation effort), LDC, and School by Design™ to help districts and networks create strong supports for teaching and learning. LDC is a key ingredient in helping districts, networks and schools use their new PD time well.   

iPD Module Planning Session, Central High School, Bridgeport, CT
Teachers plan an LDC module.


Experience With LDC


A key member of the original LDC Design Team, Marilyn Crawford operates TimeWise Schools LLC, a decision-support consulting group working with schools, districts, and states across the country. In addition to her work with LDC, she has extensive experience in leading secondary school reform and specializes in maximizing school-level efficiency and effectiveness. She holds a Ph.D. in Education Leadership from Vanderbilt University.




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