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Southern Regional Education Board

A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization headquartered in Atlanta, the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) works with states to improve public education at every level, from pre-K through Ph.D.  SREBhelps states focus on what works in both policy and practice to improve student achievement, raise high school graduation rates, and boost college completion. The organization brings together member states to work together on initiatives that would not be possible alone. SREB also works directly with public schools and educatorsto improve classroom teaching and learning, career-technical education, online education, and school leadership.


How SREB Supports Implementation of LDC CoreTools

Over the course of a school year, SREB’s approach to professional development builds capacity for continuous, ongoing professional learning into the instructional day. First, principals select outstanding teachers as lead facilitators for their discipline—language arts, science, social studies, and career-tech. SREB coaches provide these teacher-leaders with intensive, offsite training in the use of LDC CoreTools over several months. SREB coaches then support those teachers with in-school, hands-on assistance and feedback, working collaboratively with school leaders and the district.

Once lead facilitators gain expertise in using the tools, principals establish professional learning communities for each discipline. Facilitators introduce other teachers in their disciplines to the LDC Framework and work with them as they develop mastery of LDC CoreTools. SREB also provides ongoing coaching support to principals, facilitators, and teacher teams in a variety of onsite, offsite, and online settings. For example, in Kentucky, SREB is working with middle grades  and high school principals to provide materials, training, and processes that link LDC with the Kentucky Framework for Teaching. A critical part of this work is observing LDC classrooms using specifically developed observation forms and “look-for” reference guides.

See the SREB Mini-Task and Module Collection in the LDC CoreTools Curriculum Library. 


Experience with LDC

SREB was one of the original organizations funded by the Gates Foundation in 2011 to develop innovative professional development to help states, districts, and schools implement the LDC framework. In 2011, SREB partnered with the Arkansas Department of Education to roll out LDC in 12 pilot schools. That number increased to 48 schools in 2012 and 179 schools in 2013. In addition, working at regional, state, and local levels, SREB has provided LDC training to an additional 2,500 teachers in more than 350 schools in 38 states.  

Read what students, teachers, and principals say about how LDC students are learning more and performing better on classroom and state exams: Changing How Students Learn and Teachers Teach.


SREB 2016 Events

2016 College- and Career-Readiness Standards Networking Conference


Exemplary Modules

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by teachers working with SREB coaches.


Contact SREB

To learn how SREB can support your state, district, or school to use tools and strategies to get more students college- and career-ready, contact: 

Gene Bottoms, SREB Senior Vice President
(404) 875-9211

Dan Mollette, LDC-MDC Manager and Chief Mathematics Consultant
(404) 962-9623

Daniel Rock, Lead Literacy Consultant
(404) 879-5527

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