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Slope Research

Slope Research (Slope) is a data and analytics company based in the Denver area. We take a boutique approach to our work, designing custom data and evaluation solutions for our clients. Our experience in research and analysis methodology combined with a background in social sciences allows us to design sophisticated analytic solutions, while also asking the right questions to bring out the story behind the data. Slope partners with education organizations to help them better understand data in order to make strategic decisions. 

How Slope Research Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

Slope Research partnered with the Colorado Education Initiative (CEI) and to study the collaborative behavior of educators involved in the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) in Colorado.

Educators in Colorado involved in LDC were asked to answer questions about their experience using LDC, and to identify other educators they communicated with when dealing with issues related to LDC implementation. Slope analyzed the survey data using network analysis, a statistical technique that allows for the evaluation of patterns of communication between individuals or other entities in a group, in order to create a social network of educators using LDC in Colorado. The network resulting from the data collection effort contained more than 500 educators in Colorado and described and diagramed the pattern of communication between these LDC educators.

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To learn how Slope Research supports LDC implementation, contact:

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