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Reach Associates

Founded in 1999 by education consultants Cathy Feldman and Lee Kappes, Reach Associates provides professional learning opportunities, instructional leadership guidance, virtual coaching (R-Coaching), and conducts reviews of curricular and assessment materials for implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Reach has as its core mission the improvement of student achievement outcomes as predictors of success in college or career in the 21st century, bringing attention to high-leverage instructional practices, including LDC, that empower teachers with effective practices, and a focus on a set of core habits (student engagement, academic learning behaviors, differentiation, intentionality, data analysis, and language and thinking development). As members of the original LDC design team, Cathy and Lee continue to inform and shape the national LDC agenda.


How Reach Associates Supports Implementation of LDC Core Tools

Reach Associates partners with school, district, state, and private organizations to scale LDC as a primary vehicle for implementing the CCSS. Reach collaborates hand-in-hand with its partners to create a professional learning plan tailored to the unique strengths, capacities, structures, and needs of each organization. Each professional learning plan includes a combination of interactive face-to-face and virtual sessions that address LDC content, CCSS demands, instructional and formative assessment practices, and support systems needed to implement new strategies. Particular emphasis is placed on building internal capacity by training teacher leaders, coaches, and school leaders, and by fostering a culture of distributed leadership and continuous improvement. 


Experience with LDC

Reach Associates co-founder Lee Kappes was a member of the original LDC Design Team that collaborated to create the LDC Framework and the first version of the Template Task Collection.  Cathy Feldman joined the LDC Design Team one year later and continues to serve as a thought partner in the expansion of LDC into the elementary grades. Since 2009, Reach Associates has provided technical assistance to state organizations, districts, and practitioners implementing LDC. Reach has supported the implementation of LDC in over 20 states and the District of Columbia, working with thousands of teachers and school leaders.  


Exemplary Module

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by educators working with Reach Associates:


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