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National Literacy Project

Grounded in research and best practice, the goal of the National Literacy Project (NLP) is to improve the reading and writing success of elementary, middle, and high school students. NLP School Partners work with schools and districts to develop literacy leadership that supports the systematic implementation of literacy action plans designed specifically to meet the needs of their students.

How the National Literacy Project Supports Implementation of LDC

NLP established a regional network and supports standards implementation through the LDC Framework at the district and individual school levels. NLP School Partners work with writing teams to develop new modules and implement existing modules. Partners also help teams examine student work and use peer review to revise and refine modules for publication. 

To further standards implementation, NLP offers intensive workshops for new writing teams as they learn the LDC Framework and create modules for implementation. During the implementation phase, NLP provides on-site and virtual support to ensure fidelity of implementation as well as professional development to help teachers address the instructional shifts required by standards-based learning.

Experience with LDC

The National Literacy Project established the Florida Academic Literacy Network (FALN) in 2012 to provide a vehicle of support for districts, regional consortia, and individual schools implementing the LDC Framework. Since then, NLP has worked with educators throughout Florida. These educators have created and implemented hundreds of LDC modules and worked with thousands of students to improve standards-aligned instruction and learning. In addition, Florida districts have written plans to scale up LDC implementation, adding teachers, schools, and grade levels to the network.

NLP also helped design a comprehensive workshop, Transforming Teacher Practice and Student Learning through LDC. In this workshop, a collaborative effort of the National Literacy Project (NLP), Seminole County (FL) Public Schools, and the National Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC), teachers, district and school administrators, and instructional coaches learned to use the LDC Framework to help students meet career- and college-readiness standards. Educators from Florida, Texas, Tennessee, and Arkansas have attended the workshop.

NLP News

The Florida Civics Project

The Florida Civics Project Collection is a comprehensive and sequenced group of modules aimed at providing a foundation for students to master the essential concepts of civic education. The entire collection of nineteen modules addresses all of the Florida Standards/Benchmarks in civics in grades K-6. 

Each module covers one to three weeks of classroom instruction. The modules can be successfully implemented as a schoolwide progression, with each grade’s instruction building and deepening students’ knowledge and skill. Or modules can stand alone, and teachers can implement modules that address particular standards/benchmarks, as needed. Some teachers use these modules as part of their reading/language arts block. Others teach the modules during the time allocated for social studies.

The modules in The Florida Civics Project Collection cover essential literacy standards and stress the importance of disciplinary reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, the instructional strategies within each module are designed to reinforce the instructional shifts needed for college and career readiness.

Many Florida district content specialists, school level principals, and teachers participated in this project. In addition, the National Literacy Project, in collaboration with the Florida Joint Center for Citizenship, provided direction, guidance, and oversight for each module and the collection as a whole.

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