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Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13

Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU 13) is an education service agency dedicated to delivering irresistible services to school districts and communities across the state. For select projects, such as the Literacy Design Collaborative, IU 13 is able to offer services on a national level. As a leader in recognizing the needs of education and implementing programs to meet those needs, IU 13’s services are focused on the core compelling purpose of improving student learning.


How IU 13 Supports Implementation of LDC CoreTools

IU 13 offers comprehensive support for the implementation of LDC CoreTools to schools ranging from introductory LDC sessions designed to help school leaders gain an awareness of the underpinnings of LDC, to advanced scorer training using student papers. IU 13 provides strategic planning, professional learning, and project management services for LDC implementation to school districts, networks, and states. IU 13 focuses on both quality and coherence in helping schools and networks connect existing initiatives and school reform efforts using LDC as a framework to build rigorous shared expectations and a common language about learning.

The foundation for LDC implementation is built through yearlong participation in a blended professional learning community using the LDC CoreTools. Principals, working with district leadership, assemble an interdisciplinary launch team comprised of highly effective teachers who will implement and champion LDC in their schools. Principals select teachers from core subjects and related arts. Specialists such as instructional coaches, special education and ESL teachers, and librarians are strategically selected to enhance collaboration within the team and school.

The LDC launch team attends a series of regional sessions to master the basics of the LDC CoreTools and collaborate in module design and analysis of student work with teachers in their discipline from different school districts. Opportunities to network and gain support are provided to building and district administrators. Webinars in key areas, along with online resources, scaffold the implementation process. IU 13 offers customized school-based support and feedback for each team as they successfully design, implement, and refine two LDC modules culminating in the creation of a school plan to scale LDC in their context.

  • PA LDC Toolkit:
    A comprehensive training kit that includes tools and resources to help Intermediate Unit Trainers across Pennsylvania launch LDC 


LDC Professional Development 2016–2017

IU 13 is providing training for grades K–5 and 6–12 beginning July 2016. Availability is limited for elementary teams; however, there is still space for single visitors who want to audit or sit in with teams and for teams who are interested in the secondary training. For more information contact: or (717) 606-1667


Experience with LDC

In 2010–2011, through grant funding from the Gates Foundation, IU 13 partnered with Elizabethtown Area and Lebanon School Districts to participate in phase one (pilot) of LDC with 18 teachers and 750 students. From that early beginning, LDC has spread to 38 schools within the Lancaster-Lebanon region, with 64 administrators and 355 teachers participating in ongoing communities of practice.

IU 13 provided project management, professional learning, and support to the Pennsylvania Department of Education to introduce LDC to 400 high school teachers in 168 school districts across Pennsylvania using the PA Intermediate Unit infrastructure and Pennsylvania’s education portal, Additionally, IU 13 led the development of LDC baseline training as part of Pennsylvania’s federal Striving Readers grant, Keystones to Opportunity.

Over the last several years, IU 13 has strived to be the partner’s partner through collaboration on multiple projects. This includes the TeaMSS study, coordinated by Measured Progress and SCALE, which is designed to develop teacher leaders who will lead collaborative scoring sessions in their schools and professional learning, and by providing technical support to the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB] during their initial implementation of LDC in 2011–2012. 


Exemplary Modules

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by educators working with IU 13:


Contact IU 13

To learn how IU 13 can support your LDC implementation, contact: or

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