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Georgia Department of Education

The mission of the Georgia Department of Education is to make education work for all Georgians by ensuring that Georgia students leave high school prepared for college, technical careers, and the US military without need of remediation. Partnering with Literacy Design Collaborative has allowed Georgia teachers to better prepare students to fulfill this mission by creating rigorous tasks for modules that incorporate literacy strategies requiring critical thinking, reading for understanding, and writing within the context of the subject area.


How the Georgia Department of Education Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

The Georgia Department of Education has partnered with Georgia’s 16 Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA) to provide LDC training as a critical component of Georgia’s implementation of the Common Core Literacy Standards in science, social studies, CTAE, and ELA. Each RESA offers professional development focused on LDC either in schools or at the RESA site, giving teachers in all parts of the state convenient access to LDC training, tools, and materials. 

Georgia RESA Sites and LDC Contacts

Georgia LDC Webpage

Georgia LDC Wiki


Experience with LDC

In 2011, the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to train a cohort of teachers and three RESA consultants to use LDC tools. The following year, a larger cohort of teachers and school-based literacy coaches were trained with support from RESA consultants from all 16 RESA sites. Working with this network of trained teachers, coaches, and RESA consultants, GaDOE continues to extend the reach of LDC by expanding training to more teachers at sites across the state. Today LDC training is accessible to Georgia educators via this robust network of trained teachers, coaches, and RESA consultants.


Exemplary Modules

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by Georgia educators:


Contact the Georgia Department of Education

To learn how Georgia Department of Education supports LDC implementation, contact:

Rebecca Chambers
Program Manager for College Readiness
Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment


Georgia Department of Education
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive, SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30334
(404) 656-2800