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Generation Ready

Generation Ready is a leading national provider of teacher and leader professional learning services. Uniquely combining deep instructional job-embedded expertise, innovative technology tools, and a targeted digital content library, Generation Ready’s work with schools and districts has proven to result in sustained professional growth and improved student learning. With over 22 years of experience, the company’s primary focus has been to improve instructional practice in the classroom.

The hallmark of Generation Ready’s work is its expertise in literacy-focused, job-embedded coaching. Working side-by-side with individuals and teams of teachers, Generation Ready’s education consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience to support teachers in co-designing instructional plans and writing tasks, providing real-time feedback, and perhaps most importantly, demonstrating instructional strategies in classrooms.

With professional learning services that are experienced, evidence-based, collaborative, and customized, Generation Ready’s mission is to support teachers and school leaders in order to educate a stronger, more vibrant generation of students prepared to meet life’s challenges.


Customized Professional Development Using the LDC Framework

Research shows that on-the-job support is the most effective form of professional development in terms of supporting teachers in adopting new strategies and ideas into daily practice. Generation Ready’s model of supporting schools in their use of LDC is centered on job-embedded coaching augmented with workshops, LDC online courses, and blended learning. No two engagements are the same, and each partner school and/or district is treated uniquely depending on its needs.

Schools and districts that partner with Generation Ready to support their LDC work can expect to:

  • Expand their understanding of how Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are used to design, implement, and assess rigorous writing tasks and related instructional plans
  • Broaden their set of research-based instructional strategies to support students in meeting the new literacy standards, promoting literacy success in ELA, social studies, and science
  • Use individual student reading data to support the design and implementation of literacy instruction
  • Deepen their understanding of the use of a set of texts to support rigorous writing tasks
  • Take the next steps in aligning school-wide curriculum maps and student performance benchmarks with CCSS anchor literacy standards. 

See the Generation Ready Mini-Task Collection in the LDC CoreTools Curriculum Library. 

Contact Generation Ready

Whether you are new to LDC or if your school and/or district is already using the framework, Generation Ready can support your practice. To learn more about the Generation Ready difference, contact Meesha Brown at:

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