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The Fund for Transforming Education

The Fund for Transforming Education (The Fund) is an independent organization that inspires and scales innovation and excellence in Kentucky’s public schools, resulting in a better future for all children.  We invest in people, organizations, and ideas that improve outcomes for students because we believe every child deserves social and physical well-being and a world-class education.


How The Fund for Transforming Education Supports Implementation of LDC CoreTools

The Fund for Transforming Education partners with teachers, leaders, consultants at the state department of education, and professors at institutes of higher education to sustain and scale LDC as an instructional tool for implementing the Kentucky Core Academic Standards. The Fund leads networks of teachers across the state in the development of LDC modules embedded within larger units of study. Our workshops build on the collaborative spirit of LDC with teachers as the designers of instruction for improved student learning.


Experience with LDC

Since its establishment in April 2013 The Fund for Transforming Education staff members have been working with teachers on developing LDC modules. The Fund staff and many of the teachers working with The Fund, continue to lead development, implementation, and spread of LDC in multiple districts and schools across the state. Since Kentucky was one of the first states to pilot LDC, we draw on the expertise of staff and teachers who have been involved with LDC since the beginning.


Exemplary Modules

See an exemplary module in LDC CoreTools authored by Kentucky educators working with The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky: 
Radioactivity And The Search For New Elements


LDC Partner News

The Common Assignment Study is a long-term study of teachers in two states designing instructional units together—based on LDC modules—led by the Colorado Education Initiative and The Fund for Transforming Education in Kentucky with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Participating teachers will develop and teach two instructional units per year that exemplify the content knowledge and skills embedded in the Colorado Academic Standards and Kentucky Core Academic Standards.

Research partners involved in the project include the Center 
for Assessment, Westat, Research for Action, and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE)—which is facilitating the work of the teachers. The education departments in both states are also participating in the project.

Read the Research For Action Executive Summary (September 2014):
Using Common Assignments to Strengthen Teaching and Learning: Research on the 1st Year of Implementation



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