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Battelle Education

Battelle Education is a national leader in transforming the promise of STEM education into practice. Every day, in classrooms across the country, our work helps to prepare students for what’s next. A nonprofit venture of Battelle, Battelle Education has a lengthy track record of developing, delivering and partnering in the development of successful STEM schools and networks across the country.  

Today, Battelle Education manages the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network, and the national STEMx network. Through these organizations, we work with top educators at schools like Metro Early College, L&N STEM Academy, and many more.


How Battelle Education Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

Battelle Education has developed a network of trainers that have reached more than 1,000 educators. The Battelle Education trainers are primarily classroom teachers or administrators working in schools that are implementing LDC. Through Battelle Education, experienced teachers and administrators come inside schools to work hand-in-hand with teachers.

You can see LDC in action across STEM schools through the Battelle Education College Ready Literacy series. This series involves:

  • An introduction to the framework and how to get started with LDC
  • At least two rounds of feedback as you build and implement your literacy module with experienced classroom teachers who use LDC in the classroom
  • A session focused all around strategic planning for literacy instruction for the following school year.

If you are interested in learning more and seeing LDC in action across STEM networks, contact the Battelle Education team with this form

Upcoming Training Events

Register your school’s team for free College Ready Literacy training. (Focus on LDC)


Experience With LDC

Schools in Ohio’s first piloted the Literacy Design Collaborative in 2012. To help more schools implement the method, Battelle Education developed a training series where these early-adopters could serve as lead resources for other schools. Most recently, the Ohio Department of Education issued new support to the program to train up to 120 more teachers in 2015.

STEM teachers trained on the tools have also worked with Battelle Education to share the LDC tools to teams in Texas, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.


Exemplary Modules

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by Battelle educators:


Ohio STEM Learning Network News

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Contact Battelle

To learn how Battelle supports LDC implementation, contact:
Kelly Gaier Evans
(614) 424-5548

Battelle Education
505 King Avenue
Columbus, OH 43201
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