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Arkansas Department of Education

The vision of the Arkansas Department of Education Professional Development Unit is to advance the mission of ADE by cultivating the professional practices of educators as they prepare all Arkansas students for college and career readiness.

Teachers in ELA, social studies, science, and career/technical education can use the Literacy Design Collaborative Framework to build content within a coherent approach to literacy.  

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How the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

The Arkansas Department of Education, in partnership with the Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE), Education Service Cooperatives, Education Renewal Zones, and university STEM centers, will provide professional development and technical assistance to a group of Arkansas schools with the goal of implementation in most schools within the next few years.

Regional LDC trainers will conduct six days of training. Three days of training will be conducted during the summer; three follow-up days will be conducted during the year. LDC trainers will also conduct six on-site visits at each participating school throughout the school year. ADE will encourage and provide technical assistance for the design of a sustainability plan.

Delving Deeper Into the Literacy Design Collaborative (PDF)
Delving Deeper Into the Literacy Design Collaborative (Video)


Exemplary Modules

See exemplary modules in LDC CoreTools authored by Arkansas educators:

Experience With LDC

Since 2011, when the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) first approached ADE about bringing LDC to our state, we have worked with more than 140 schools and trained more than 725 teachers. The current (2014) training cohort includes 65 new schools and 408 teachers and administrators. In the state of Arkansas, there are 70 LDC trainers—including literacy, science, and career tech specialists—from 15 Educational Service Cooperatives and 12 university STEM centers. 


Contact the Arkansas Department of Education

To learn how ADE supports LDC implementation, contact:

Connie Echols, Arkansas Department of Education
Curriculum Support Services Unit
Division of Learning Services

Arkansas Department of Education
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Arkansas Department of Education