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Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. Our products and services lead the way in personalized instruction, and our instructional coaching has led to improved student outcomes through statewide engagements in Delaware and Rhode Island. Data Quality Campaign and others have recognized this work as an example of best practice. Amplify has provided innovative technology and services to the K–12 market for more than a decade.

How Amplify Supports Implementation of LDC CoreTools

Amplify’s expert Professional Services coaches partner with district, state, and school leaders to develop a program that builds educators’ capacity using the LDC Framework to achieve the instructional shifts required to prepare all students for college and careers. Our coaches collaborate with your school leaders to create a system of support for teachers that will maximize your existing resources and deepen your local capacity to provide ongoing coaching.

Each coach brings at least ten years of teaching experience, extensive experience, and training in instructional coaching—and many have school or district administrative experience. Through face-to-face coaching and workshops for educators or trainers, coaches use proven techniques such as active listening, intentional questioning, and guided reflection to create a collaborative and open dialogue about the instructional choices educators make using LDC content. The result is an environment of proactive problem-solving, accountability, and success that helps make LDC protocols part of daily practice.

Experience with LDC

Amplify is a certified partner offering professional learning experiences to support educators in implementing the LDC Framework in their schools and districts.

Bring LDC to Life in Your Schools

Discover how Amplify coaches helped improve student outcomes. 


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