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American Reading Company

Built and run by education activists, American Reading Company is a trusted partner of 5,320 schools and 1,070 districts in 50 states. The company’s curricular solutions and professional development are designed to ensure that every student can read, write, discuss, think, investigate, and solve problems at ever-increasing levels of proficiency.

At the heart of its solutions, American Reading Company has compiled a comprehensive, state-of-the-art book database of more than 150,000 titles representing more than 250 publishers. All of these texts have been quantitatively and qualitatively leveled using American Reading Company’s standards-aligned formative assessment framework for teaching and learning, the Independent Reading Level Assessment Framework (IRLA®). Large school districts such as New York, Boston, Washington, DC, and Baltimore use American Reading Company’s deep book knowledge to customize classroom collections that support the implementation of rigorous college and career readiness standards in ELA.

How American Reading Company Supports Implementation of LDC Tools

American Reading Company’s team of expert educators are now LDC Certified and prepared to provide high-quality professional learning experiences designed to develop teacher and leader capacity. ARC Executive Coaches can support implementation of the LDC instructional design system for developing students’ literacy skills to prepare them for the demands of college and career (LDC CoreTools). ARC professional development incorporates a gradual release model, starting out with a workshop, moving into grade group meetings, then into “fishbowl” demonstration lessons, and finally into 1:1 support as needed. 

Experience With LDC

American Reading Company started its work with LDC in 2012 when it began supporting several large district implementations through the provision of texts and resources aligned with LDC modules. In the fall of 2014, American Reading Company and LDC began working together directly in order to deliver high quality professional learning experiences designed to ensure the successful implementation of LDC CoreTools.


American Reading Company Teams Up with Literacy Design Collaborative to Provide Professional Development Services Nationwide.
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To learn how American Reading Company supports LDC implementation, contact:
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