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The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) seeks to ensure that every student in America graduates from high school with the literacy skills necessary for success in college and career. LDC is a teacher-created instructional design system that transforms educator practice through the use of online tools and resources that facilitate collaboration, content development, and professional learning to effectively implement College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) in K–12 classrooms.
LDC works with a variety of stakeholders—states, districts, partnering organizations, schools, and individual teachers—to enable all educators to model, lead, and succeed in implementing the high expectations embodied in the CCRS as they accelerate their own professional growth and increase student outcomes. To fulfill this mission, our work is nested in a “virtuous cycle” of continuous improvement that includes public, transparent practice; reflection; and a commitment to co-design and iterative development with those closest to students—the teachers—empowered to co-lead in our work.


The Literacy Design Collaborative organization will equip teachers with the tools and training needed to effectively implement College and Career Readiness Standards in K–12 classrooms so that all students experience effective teaching and learning in all subject areas throughout their schooling and emerge prepared to meet the demands of citizenry in the 21st century.

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