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Mission: Develop the highest skilled teaching workforce possible.

Vision: Equity in education is possible—through equity in curriculum structure and quality, teacher skill, and students' task experiences.


LDC develops skilled educators equipped to support all learners, designing with educators and continuously improving the tools, resources, and instructional processes necessary for teachers to be successful in their classrooms.  LDC catalyzes collective and individual teacher efficacy as a national community of practitioners guaranteeing that all students have rigorous, intellectual student-centered learning experiences and opportunities in school with high-quality curriculum, assessment, and instruction.


LDC strives to ensure equity in America’s schools—equity in curriculum quality, teacher skill, and student instructional experience. LDC is working toward the day when every student in America graduates from high school with the reading, writing, thinking, and disciplinary skills necessary for success as citizens of the 21st-century global experience.


LDC began as a teacher collaborative, sharing and spreading quality curriculum design work across the country. As the collaborative grew in all 50 states and more stakeholders joined, LDC provided curriculum quality standards and training (developed with the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning and Equity (SCALE)) around which the national community calibrated and normed. Through this work, LDC used continuous improvement principles to drive a rich, national conversation about how best to iteratively test, implement, and measure effective standards-driven instruction in every discipline at every grade level, K–12.  

Currently, LDC partners with a variety of stakeholders and systems—states, districts, partner organizations, schools, and teachers—to enable all educators to model, lead, and succeed in implementing the high expectations embodied in rich academic standards while accelerating their own professional growth to increase student outcomes.