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Courses Feedback and Support

Please comment on the content, format and activities of this course block. Let us know if you found something within the block particularly useful  so that we do more of what works! Also, please let us know if you found something with the block to be confusing or in need of improvement. Your feedback will be used to enhance the course for other users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The content of LDC courses is applicable to K–12 educators of all subject areas, higher education educators, instructional coaches, school leaders, and  teacher educators. Some activities within specific courses ask you to create and implement instructional plans in classrooms and may have prerequisites.  Please review the course syllabus before enrolling.

First, you’ll need to create an LDC CoreTools account if you do not already have one by going to LDC CoreTools

LDC course participants will receive a welcome email with a special link that, when clicked,  enrolls you in LDC Courses. You may also copy and paste the enrollment key found in that welcome email to enroll in your course. You may want to copy your enrollment key into a place you’ll remember so you can reference it if you forget. If neither of those steps worked for you or you did not receive your welcome email, please leave us a support request below.

You’ll need your computer, and as you create LDC mini-tasks, teaching tasks, and modules, you’ll use your standards, curriculum, and instructional materials.

The time it takes each person to complete a course varies, but you should plan to spend several hours per week. Each block in an LDC course has approximate pacing information for the central content of the course listed at the beginning.  You can use this to plan how much time each block will take and how long the course will take overall. Please remember that information in the right column  of your course is optional and can be used to extend your learning; this is a great place to pick and choose based on your time and needs.

That’s up to you! Some participants find it helpful to print the syllabus and keep expectations for each course block at their fingertips. All resources found in LDC Courses are free, downloadable, and savable so you can decide as you go which you want to keep permanently on your computer.  You will have access to the course content for one year and will be able to return to anything that interested you if you decide later you’d like to use it as a reference. You may also download the optional LDC Course Notes template during the course to take notes, record new ideas, and examine your thinking.

Most of the coursework in LDC Courses will be actual plans you will use in your classroom, such as LDC mini-tasks, skills lists, and modules. You will be prompted  to select and share drafts of what you have designed in your course with your coach and/or district administrator so that they can view your work in LDC CoreTools and provide support and feedback. You will decide whether to share your work in this way on an ongoing basis.

At the end of each course, you will be asked to complete a self-review of the draft you designed (e.g., LDC mini-task, skills list, or module) using the LDC jurying guide. You will submit your completed draft as your end-of-course product.  You will find directions for how to do this in the “Wrap It Up” block of each course.

Your notes and activities throughout the course are for your own learning and need not be uploaded unless you are directed to do so by your coach or school district.

As you complete your coursework in LDC Courses, you’ll use the LDC website for resources and courses and LDC CoreTools to plan your instruction and see examples. Think of these websites as a family of tools.

You can always access your course at LDC Courses. Within your course, you’ll be asked to create mini-tasks and modules and view examples at LDC CoreTools.  LDC resources and general information from our website ( can be accessed within the course and directly from the website.

The templates can  be accessed when you create your teaching tasks in LDC CoreTools.  You can find the templates when you have opened a module and are selecting a template in Section 1, “What Task?” PDFs of the template can be accessed on the resources page at

You’ll be able to print your certificate in the “Wrap It Up” block after you submit your end-of-course product and complete your end-of-course evaluation.

You may want to watch the Course Overview Screencast and review this FAQ for answers to common questions. If you need additional support, please send  a support request below. If you are working with a coach, please contact her for support as well.