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A multi-faceted professional learning site license that delivers a powerful
and measurable experience for the entire building.

Teacher Learning Experience

All teachers will create artifacts, lesson plans, and content that can be used in the classroom immediately.

This annual school license is valid for one year. After one year, this license is expected to renew annually. The school retains all access privileges and is never charged more to introduce new staff.

Every teacher will have access to two online courses, implementation guides, and the nationally vetted curriculum library, LDC CoreTools.

Schools that purchase the LDC Teacher Learning Kit are invited to participate in the LDC Community of Practice in many ways:

  • One staff member is invited to participate in the Blended Foundations Course
  • Two staff members are invited to attend quarterly LDC Coach Meetings and/or Leadership Meetings, hosted by LDC Experts
  • Two site representatives will have access to address questions or needs during LDC open office hours
  • Up to two staff members are invited to attend National Peer Review
  • Submission of up to three modules within one calendar year to the National Peer Review

Teacher Building, NOT Teacher Proofing

As teachers take part in the professional learning offered in the Teacher Learning Kit, they will master skills in four critical competencies. This learning and work will explicitly impact student achievement, increase teacher skills and efficacy, raise the rigor of assessments and instruction, and create alignment between curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Analyze assignments aligned to standards and student learning goals

Construct a quality assignment prompt

Develop a quality instructional plan

Assess outcomes and iterate instruction

Measurable Professional Development that Meets the Needs of the Entire School

The varied levels of support and participation deliver a stratified approach to implementation and lay the foundation for success, at every level.

LDC's artifact-driven approach means that every teacher will work directly in the online curriculum library, LDC CoreTools. The content and templates housed there work with the courses to equip teachers to either pull from nationally vetted material or create effective student learning resources. In either case, materials are ready for classroom use and provide relevant and timely support to enacting standards.

Students will be empowered and supported to engage complex texts, close read for full understanding, compare multiple sources, and create written work that clearly maps the mastery of standards and skills.

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